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This is the launch site for sides and pasta recipes.  When you choose to serve them is your decision.

There are several local Italian restaurant chains in St. Louis.  Most of them serve a creamy Pasta con Broccoli.  I was talking about Pasta con Broccoli to a friend of mine's wife.  She said, "Do you know who has REALLY good Pasta con Broccoli?"  "No"  "Tony's!"   At that time, Tony's was the only Italian restaurant among the 13 Five Star restaurants on the Mobil Travel Guide.  It has since dropped to four.  Many St. Louisans cut up their Mobil credit cards and sent them in as a protest.  ANYWAY, I got an invitation from the company I worked for to go there.  Of course, I ordered Pasta con Broccoli as a side.  I tried to reproduce it here.

Pasta con Broccoli

Here is my recipe for Alfredo Sauce.  I figure you know how to make store bought pasta.  If not, you've somehow stumbled on this site in error.  Anyway, my wife was buying these jars of Alfredo Sauce from some company.   I'm thinking, "I can beat that", so I looked at recipes on the web, modified them and came up with my own.  I also remembered the cry of the Center for Science in the Public Interest about how bad this was for you, hence:

Killer Alfredo Sauce