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This is where I will publish vegetable recipes.  We're not talking healthy veggies, just vegetable based.


My wife and I were at my the In-law's house for a holiday dinner.  My Mother-in-law brought out a pan of buttered Brussels Sprouts and the women went nuts!  They vaccuumed these things up like Hoovers.  About two weeks later, Emeril had a show on Brussels Sprouts.  Here is the original recipe from EmerilI made severe mods to the recipe and needless to say the "Sprouts" be coming to every gathering. There is plenty of fat in here, hence they are called . . .

Heart Attack Sprouts

These sprouts have been voted "Best Ball"  Click here to see the review.

Variations on a Theme:

Use smoked jowl meat in addition to or instead of the Pancetta

Add diced Parma Ham (Procuitto) after the brazing, but before the cheese

Onion in addition to or instead of Shallots is OK.  In addition to is better.