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This is the launch site for entre recipes.  When you choose to serve them is your decision.


Here is the recipe for Veal Soncerae, it is my signature dish.

Veal Soncerae

Here is a meatball recipe.  I was watching Tyler Florence do "Tyler's Ultimate".  My wife came down while he was cooking his "Ultimate Meatballs."  She said, "Are you writing this down."   I said, "No because I've figured out something I like better."  Here it is, I'm sure Tyler would be proud that I took his hard work of going to these places and gathering ideas, yet he and I interpreted it differently.

Meat Balls

I decided that a meatloaf can be nothing more than one big meatball in a different shape.  I tested it out on a guy in Cedar Rapids using dried herbs.  It went over pretty well.  A couple of weeks later, I decided to plan better and bring fresh herbs.  I used 2 lbs of  lean ground beef (93%), 1lb of ground pork and 1/2 lb of cheese.  I heard one of the guys say, "Awesome meatloaf!"  The next thing I knew, it was all gone.  Three guys "ate the whole thing."  Here's the recipe.


Here's a Franz family favorite.  There is nothing like gathering around a 200 degree pan, throwing things in, and eating what comes out.   Yes, it's the old favorite, Sukiyaki (Austrian style).


I needed something I could get ready in advance, simmer for a while, and quickly finish.  This one filled the bill.  I've never heard of serving a chicken stew over mashed potatoes, so I figured I could name it myself.  I looked at my son and decided to name it after his favorite car, thus

Chicken Mc Laren

  Ok, this one surprised me.  I baked a ham for Easter and the family went nuts over it.  I still don't know if it's the Double G brand or my preparation, but who cares!  I have since found another brand, Miller, that we like better.  It is made closer to home.  If you have a "local ham", use it!  Here's the recipe for:

Baked Ham!

 This is my wife's favorite dish.  My Aunt Marie used to make this for my wife's birthday.  I created a variation of Wolfgang Puck's Chicken Paprika and combined it with Aunt Marie's recipe (we're talkin' two Austrians here).  For us foodies, it's not too hard.  For everyone else, it's virtually impossible!

Chicken Paprika

Much of the stuff I make up, I do spur of the moment.  One day, the sky was blue, the herbs were ready and I had some cool ingredients just begging to be used.  My wife tends to like chicken dishes more than anything else so I decided to make an herb over dose.  There are two recipes to make the one dish.  You can mix and match if you like, but they are:

Herb Chicken


Herb Butter Cream Sauce


I was watching a show about feeding battle troops.  The host was talking about a dish called Chicken Marengo named after a battle that Napoleon won.  He was talking about how good it was, so I decided to make it myself.  Once more into the breech!

Chicken Marengo


 My son loves a frozen "Swiss Steak" that my wife buys.  As the recipe says, I saw an ad by a local butcher shop for Swiss (cubed) steaks.  I decided to try my hand at this since Switzerland is close to Austria.  I read the recipes on Recipezaar and incorporated them into:

Swiss Steak


We were at one of those big box stores one day and they were giving out food samples.  My son took one and LOVED it.  It turned out to be pot roast.  He called it "pull apart meat" which is what we call it today.  As the story on the recipe itself says, a friend of mine's wife was very sick for a long time and couldn't eat.  Supposedly, she had a dream about Pot Roast.  I told my friend that when she could eat it, I'd be honored to make it.  Their daughter goes to St. Louis University (as did I).  It's nickname is Slouie Uye.  So, I adopted the name and here it is:

Slouie Pot Roast


My wife found a chicken recipe and sent me to the store to get the stuff.  I messed up and forgot one of the ingredients.  Well, I improvised and here's what happened.

Tuscan Creamy Chicken

A friend of mine lives in Wisconsin.  Now, everyone knows that the best brats in the World are Johnsonville brats.  Whenever I cook brats, I always let him know that I was using Johnsonville.  Here is a recipe that involves grocery stores and in-laws.  I've GOT to have your interest now.

Brats and Sauerkraut