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In England, appetizers are called "Starters".   Here are some ideas to get the meal "started" off right.

I was doing some cooking in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.  I brought my Parmesano Regiano from St. Louis since I didn't think I could find it there.   Near the end of the meal, I found that I had some Mozzarella cheese and Parmesano Regiano left over.  I combined the two, nuked 'em,  and the rest is history (or future).

Pure Cheese Poppers

I decided to make a multi-course meal one Sunday.  The local supermarket, Schnucks (no lie), had a sale on large shrimp.  I devised a very simple recipe for them and here it is!

Simply Shrimp

Here's a recipe that celebrates Italy in St. Louis.  I took a basic Bruscetta and added some South St. Louis specialties. Don't you love the alliteration?

South St. Louis Bruscetta

Well, once more I decided to try an experiment on my unsuspecting in-laws.  This time, I was at my sister-in-law's house.  One time she brought pate to her mom's house and was talking about how she loved pate.  Well, the first time I made a sale at this software company and tasted pate, only one thought came to mind.  Braunschweiger!  Ever since then, I've been determined to turn braunschweiger into pate.  I had some Oscar Meyer (my favorite) left over, we had some cream cheese, there was for ideas and here it is:

Quick Pate

Well, I decided to take the quick pate recipe and give it a new twist.  I made a couple of changes, substituted crab meat, hence:

Crab Pate

My boss at the time found out we were going to one of his favorite restaurants.  He said that we should order shrimp DeJonghe as an appetizer.  Well, my wife and I already HAD favorite appetizers there, so we ordered it as a third.  It was wonderful.  I decided to see if I could come up with a recipe somewhat close.  I searched my favorite site and once more, combined a few recipes together.  I brought some to my Uncle's house for Mother's Day.  Almost a pound and a half were vacuumed up by about 10 people BEFORE dinner.  Without further ado:

Shrimp DeJonghe